celebratory message

Use the arrow keys to navigate!

dark slide for emphasis

some subtext, but it's not as important as the bigger text

additional text

this is an example of a line that is very, extraordinarily, immensely, tremendously, exorbitantly long. it is lengthy. it wraps around the screen! in a few more words it might even wrap around the screen a second time!

slide with cool colorful buttons!

slide with an image

second slide with an image

slide with a video!

slide with an image

but there's also a caption!

here's another one

here's a slide with lots of emojis that grow in size

  • 🥵
  • 🍳
  • 🤺
  • 🦵
  • 🚨
  • 🥺
  • 🥴
  • 🕺
  • 🛸

here's a slide with no image!

and this one has a caption

very interesting caption

another slide that's dark for emphasis

it can be used to transition to another topic!

"it's a quote!"

- Someone Important

some final words

concluding celebratory message